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Our Values:

Competence | Integrity | Responsible leadership

Our Vision

To be benchmark on Africa and Brazil for Our

  • Competence

  • Ethics and Integrity

  •  Competitiveness / Cost efficiency

Outstanding results supporting and providing solutions:

- Military Operators

- Executive Aircraft Management

- Training of Carmine’s core courses


Aviation Industry concepts and trends are well understood as a result of decades of experience. 

This  experience along with a strong network of renown partners and a lean organization allows Carmine Aviation® to offer groundbreaking highly competitive services, on the aviation aftermarket and operations management.

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Geographic Market

Mainly focused on the African Market and Brazil, Carmine Aviation® is an European Company, Portuguese, with its head office located in Sintra and its workshops and laboratories in Lisbon.

With the operations based in Portugal, Carmine’s training services provide an outstanding business and social environment at highly competitive level as like when Client’s Tech Reps are required to supervise Carmine’s services.


Carmine Aviation® is a Brand Holding from Carmine Topics Ltd, fiscal identification no. PT517374153, that operate trough three Business Divisions; to minimize overheads a lean organization matrix allows Carmine to operate with a fix staff of 15 employees and more than 100 on-call expert contractors.

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