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Carmine’s Academy Training Programs utilize a variety of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.


The proposed training programs  are highly distinct from common offers and designed for the students to be embedded in a “business school” kind of environment, catalysing the best results applicable to real role environment.

The instructor(s) will also facilitate learning by encouraging the delegates to test and critically appraise any theories and concepts on the training course and delegates are normally provided with value added services and materials, such as:

Avião de passageiros

·         Real case-studies applied to the delegates reality

·         Role-play and videos

·         Industry Seminars

·         Visits to local Industry for know-how transfer

·         Local transportation

·         Team building events

·         Gala dinner for course closure and diploma award.

·         Accidents Insurance

·         Hardware and software study materials

Our Policy and Quality Scope



CARMINE ACADEMY's policy and strategy for professional and business training is based on economic and business evolution, the change in professions resulting from business, technological and social development.



Within companies, training activity results from the survey and diagnosis of training needs carried out for our clients, reconciling this training with the alignment of the company's strategy.


Facilitate the identification of training needs and the adequacy of responses to these needs, always seeking to satisfy customers.


Continuously improve your management with quality and accessibility to qualification.


Introduce flexibility into qualification paths (in time, forms of access and learning content), observing the legal and regulatory requirements inherent to the context of each training action.


Generate more motivation for future learning. Within the scope of the universe of Companies and Professionals.

Promote and guide human resources management options towards the search, production and valorization of these qualifications, as well as internally for its employees.

SCOPE OF THE QMS: Provision of Training and Awareness Activities - online, in-person or hybrid - inter or intra companies.



A política e estratégia da CARMINE ACADEMY para a formação profissional e empresarial  assenta na evolução económica e empresarial, a mudança nas profissões resultantes do desenvolvimento empresarial, tecnológico e social.


No âmbito das empresas, a atividade formativa resulta do levantamento e diagnóstico de necessidades formativas realizado às nossas clientes, conciliando essa formação com o alinhamento da estratégia da empresa.


  • Facilitar a identificação de necessidades de formação e a adequação das respostas a essas necessidades, a buscar sempre satisfazer os clientes. 


  • Melhorar continuamente suas gestão com qualidade e  acessibilidade à qualificação.


  • Introduzir flexibilidade nos percursos de qualificação (no tempo, nas formas de acesso e nos conteúdos da aprendizagem), a observar os requisitos legais e normativos inerentes ao contexto de cada acção de formação.


  • Gerar mais motivação para aprendizagens futuras. No âmbito do universo das Empresas e Profissionais.

  • Promover e orientar as opções de gestão de recursos humanos no sentido da procura, da produção e da valorização dessas qualificações, assim como internamente aos seus colaboradores.

ÂMBITO DO SGQ: Ministração de Acções de Formação e Consciencialização - online, presencial ou híbrida - inter ou intra empresas.

Core Courses

Aviation and Defense

- Human Factors | Safety

- Ethics and Business Compliance

- Logistics and Supply-chain Management

- Marketing Principles and Practices

Aerial Systems and Services

- UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Flight training

- UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Operations

- Aviation internal combustion engines

Quality System Management Standards

- ISO 9001 Quality management system

- ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

- ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems

- ISO 27001 Information security management systems

- ISO 27701 Security techniques — Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 privacy information management

- ISO 22301 Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems

- ISO 56002 Innovation management

- ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems

- ISO 37301 Compliance management systems

- ISO 37002 Whistleblowing management systems

- ISO 14064 Greenhouse gases —Specification at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals

- ISO 14065 Principles and requirements for bodies validating and verifying environmental information

- ISO 14025 Environmental labels and declarations, environmental declarations, principles and procedures

- ISO 14075 Principles and framework for social life cycle assessment

Quality System Management Standards

Lean Six Sigma - White, Yellow, Green e Black belts

Strategic planning and risk analysis (decision making instruments)

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