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Aircraft Management

Partnering with Carmine Aviation means having a dedicated team of aviation specialists at the ready, whether to schedule your next flight or handle the tedious business aspects of ownership. A single point of contact connects you to your team—much like having your own flight department, 24/7/365.

Aircraft Maintenance

Dedicated Engineering Office enables Carmine to provide the necessary support in order to meet your requirements and keep a smooth fleet operation. In order to provide a complete package support for your fleet, in addition to Carmine Aviation MRO Services.


Dedicated and experienced engineers and marketers will be there for you and your company when time comes, to investigate incidents and accidents, to better manage what Regulators or other stakeholders may require, or simple get the most beneficial outcome of your contracts and negotiations.  



Aircraft Management

  •         Crew, Maintenance, Insurance, Parking and Handling

  •         Upgrade, Modernization and Revitalization Programs

  •         Contract Analysis & Arbitration

  •         Accidents and incidents investigation

  •         Appraisal Services

  •         Buyers Finding Programs ·

  •         Assets Financing and Insurances

  •         Aircraft acceptances

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